Why just a bare-bones HTML site? Surely you know CSS?

Although it would be relatively easy to add CSS flair to this site, I have consciously decided to avoid anything beyond the bare minimum of styling required to ensure that the content is readable. Although I do appreciate minimalism on an aesthetic level, this is more than a matter of taste: many "modern" websites, with fancy styling and buttons and ads all over the place, can be difficult to read (and I don't even want to begin to think about what it must be like to navigate such chaotic websites with a screen reader).

Additionally, I feel that the format and presentation of content should, as much as possible, be left up to the consumer, not the producer (with obvious exceptions in artistic contexts). By keeping the styling on my website to a minimum, I allow visitors the option of viewing my site in their preferred font, or with a modified color scheme, etc. (unfortunately, modern browsers don't always make this sort of customization easy, but it's at least theoretically possible).