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Summer Courses in Uralic and Uralic-Adjacent Languages

General Information

All of the courses currently listed here take place in Russia, meaning that many attendees will require a visa in order to attend. Please plan accordingly, and be sure to reach out to the organizers of the course well in advance if you require a letter of invitation.

I'm not currently listing any courses in those Uralic languages that have official status in a sovereign state (Estonian, Finnish, and Hungarian), but may add them later. They will most likely get their own page, due to the large number of options.

This list was last edited on February 1st, 2020.

Uralic Languages

Erzya and Moksha

Unfortunately, there is no good website to link to for the Erzya and/or Moksha program offered by Mordovia State University in Saransk. The application period for 2019 is over, but I will try to post the 2020 application form (and relevant contact info) here when it is announced.


Summer School of Mari Language and Culture – this page is from 2017. It is unclear when the next Mari summer school will be held, but feel free to get in touch with the university (contact information is provided on their website) if you are interested.


Udmurt Summer Language School (in Russian) – a number of students of Uralic languages have attended this program and learned a lot from it. I personally have not yet made it, but would like to at some point. The application period for 2020 ends on the the 15th of June, 2020 (for citizens of EU countries) or the 30th of May, 2020 (for everybody else).

Turkic Languages

Summer courses in a number of Turkic languages relevant to the study of Uralic linguistics.


Chuvash Summer Camp (in Russian) – a number of people I know have also attended this event and enjoyed it. The main organizer is also an Esperanto speaker. Registration info for 2020 will be added when it is published.

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