About Me

I'm interested in languages, constructed languages, linguistics, computer science, and a wide variety of other stuff that I haven't studied in nearly as much depth. While I grew up in the United States, I currently live in Turku, Finland and have come to see that city as home.

My formal post-secondary education has mostly been in linguistics and computer science, with a stronger focus on the former in the last few years. This has been accompanied by a lot of language study, both formally and on my own. I also used to do a lot of music, but haven't done much with it recently.
There isn't much distinction between things I do for fun and things that I would say I do officially (beyond the artificial distinction of whether I've ever been paid to do something). I guess you could argue that conlanging has always been something I do primarily just for fun, but there are professional conlanging jobs out there.
You can generally count on my understanding content, especially written content, in English, Finnish, or German; Hungarian, Russian and Esperanto are also acceptable, but require a bit more effort. Other languages are fun to speak, but shouldn't be counted on for anything critical.
The short answer is "No." I don't identify with any particular gender, and I don't think I ever have. I also don't have very strong feelings about particular pronouns, but non-gendered pronouns and terminology are most accurate.